Prime Finance

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Message from the Chairman

At Prime Finance Capital Management Ltd., we understand that clients need access to smart and efficient solutions to manage their financial needs. By offering a bouquet of services, we have changed the paradigm of merchant banking in this country.

As a pioneer in the Merchant Banking industry, we believe in leveraging innovative ideas to make merchant banking more accessible and convenient to our clients. Through continuous innovations in different services such as Issue Management, Underwriting, Portfolio Management & Corporate advisory services, we have made financial needs of our clients faster, simpler and more secure.

These services are developed and delivered by a highly skilled team of financial and investment specialists with deep market and industry experience and exposure. Our teams work closely with clients to provide customized and innovative solutions that meet the customized needs and preferences of our corporate clients.

Our approach to client service is centered on the establishment of long lasting relationships that are founded and built on shared values and interests – including a commitment to applying the highest levels of transparency, trust and integrity to the way we conduct business. This commitment on shared interests is no better demonstrated than by the fact that PFCML is a co-investor alongside our clients in each and every investment product and opportunity we bring to the market. Our interests are fully aligned with those that we serve, an approach that both enhances our credibility and solidifies our relationships with our clients

As an institution, it is our ultimate aim to develop new and exciting investment opportunities and products that raise the bar and exceed the expectations of our clients in terms of innovation and performance. We will always continue to work diligently towards this objective by capitalizing on the strengths of our management team and our knowledge of the capital market in which we operate in order to best serve the interests of our clients, partners and stakeholders as well as the overall economy of the country. With a continued focus on the implementation of a clear strategy that has served us well, PFCML is well positioned to stay ahead in the rapidly developing and fast changing market conditions.


Md. Ahsan Kabir Khan